Michael Duke: The Duke is a high ranking nobleman. He is given lots of control over the citizens, and even his own piece of land called a dukedom.
They have special one of a kind crowns,called coronets. There is also dukes that are woman, and they are called Duchesses.
Sites: http://dictionary.die.net/dukes%20coronet and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dukes_in_the_United_Kingdom
( Mia Cudahy) Earl: Had authority to make judgments in there own regions within the courts as delegated by the king. They also collected fines and taxes.Hilliard_Earl_of_Cumberland_1590-1.jpg

Baron: Gianna Affi: A baron is someone that is in the lowest spot of nobility.


Knight: Is some one of noble birth trained in arms and chivalry. In Britain today it is some one with sir in front of their name. sources: http://www.audioenglish.net/dictionary/knight.htm and http://www.definitions.net/definition/Knightmedieval_knight.jpg


A Member of the British, below a knight but above an average gentleman

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Madeline-Cathedral: A very large important church. (from dictionary.com) A cathedral is a Christian church which contains the seat of a bishop. (wikipedia.com)

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A high-ranking Christian cleric, in modern churches usually in charge of a diocese and in some churches regarded as having received the highest ordination in unbroken succession from the apostles.images.jpeg

(Eli) Dark Ages: the time period between the 470's and 1000's A.D. where war was common.


(Cassie)Middle Ages:
In European history, it was between the classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance. This was around 500 ad to 1350 ad. The period from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West to the fall of Constantinople.
middle ages definition

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Renaissance: Natalia
(Natalia) Renaissance: The Renaissance was a time period, that was proceeded by the Middle Ages, in history that began at about the mid-1400s and ended in the early 1600s. During this time period, much was centered on plays, art, music, and the awakening of knowledge. It occurred in Europe. It transferred from a medieval to modern world.external image q8y7BAtb9xT286gRm8UC3rjJon7zCmuvKjozOR3WZRddCAwuTYbiNj_bCxUBSh8UBSCzL6A6iKs0JZtmn2dUGzYQbH_JaKoBgBFrm4DJKxtMKR-sJ3g
Cites: http://socyberty.com/history/the-renaissance-time-period/ and http://www.erasofelegance.com/history/renaissance.html
Picture is from: en.wikipedia.org

Camelot: imgres.jpeg
a castle first appeared in the legends of King Arthur in the 12th Century it's location is unknown and it is seen as a symbol of Arthur's realm and his rule a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.


Uther Pendragon:

Igraine of Cornwall: (Ben H.) Igrane of cornwall was the wife on Uther Pendragon and gave birth to King Arthur and before married gorlios, and had three daughters. One of which was Morgan le Fey. Site 1 Site 2

(Alex) Merlin: Merlin was the powerful wizard and adviser of King Arthur, featured in the Legends of Arthur. He was the son of a nun and the devil, but was baptized at birth so that he was a servent to God. With the powers of both God and the Devil, he had the powers to see into both the past and the future. When Monmouth added Merlin (Who was in storys long before the legend of Arthur was even started) he made him an advisor of Arthur.

imgres copy.jpegSites: http://www.timelessmyths.com/arthurian/merlin.html# and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merlin

(Leah) Avalon: An island,represented as an earthly paradise in the western seas,to
which King Arthur and other heroes were carried at death.

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Sites: http://www.Wikipedia.com and http://Dictionary.com

Chivalry or Codes of Chivalry:
The traditional code of conduct associated with the medieval institution of knighthood.
Sources: Wikipedia and Dictionary.com