RR 1) Answer the following questions in a well-written paragraph. Your response should fill over half a page in order to be considered thorough. Refer to your text for the answers when necessary. Cite page numbers too!

A) What is Scrooge's attitude about life? What is his feeling about people in general? How do you know this? Hint: describe the relationships he has and has had.
B) How does he describe Christmas?
C) Why does Scrooge's nephew, Fred, love Christmas? How do you know?
Why do you think Fred invites Scrooge over for Christmas Dinner?

RR 2) Find and consider some of the edits Dickens made to the manuscript of A Christmas Carol by looking at his original draft

- What change do you like best and why? Answer this question in at least four well worded sentences for credit.

Click here to read Mrs. R's sample paragraph analyzing the last paragraph on the bottom of p. 25