RR 3) Answer the following questions in a well-written journal entry. Your response should fill about half a page in order to be considered thorough. Refer to your text for the answers when necessary. Cite page numbers too!

A) What does the first ghost look like? Describe every detail you can find about him.
B) Why would Dickens describe him this way?
C) Where does the ghost first take Scrooge? Describe the place in detail.

RR 4) Belle and Scrooge Break-up scene
1. Re-read the entire scene (middle of p. 37 to the bottom of 38) in which Belle explains to young Scrooge why their "contract" is no longer good, or calls off their engagement. Work first on your own, and then with your partner to outline the most important lines.

2. You may eliminate or combine some ideas, but you have to be sure to understand what she is saying and include all of Belle's points. Translate her words into your own, simpler language.

3. Then imagine that this conversation were happening via smart phone. Rewrite the exchange in your own, modern, text language.
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REMEMBER: You may simplify and abbreviate where necessary, but be sure to include each point that B and S are making. In other words, don't leave anything out, but say it in your own way. Add modern, creative touches where possible.

You may work with a partner on this assignment.

brief sample: (yours should most likely be longer than this)
B: = Belle and S: = Scrooge
WTH="What the Humbug?"