Noticing and Noting is what we will call it when you are closely reading, comprehending and annotating the literature we read this year. Here is a quick lesson on what it means to "Notice and Note", why it is so helpful, and who came up with that phrase.

Watch the following video and fill-out the "Notice and Note" handout as you go.

Then go to

Mrs. R's Notice and Note Pinterest board

and take a look at the video clips for:

Again and Again (AA)
Contrasts and Contradictions (CC)
Words from the Wiser (WW)
and Aha Moment (Aha)

Finally, practice using Notice and Note with a picture book by Kevin Henkes called: Chrysanthemum.
Watch for Again and Again (AA)

Next, we'll read a short story by Roald Dahl called "The Landlady" in order to practice Noticing and Noting. We'll begin together in class, and you should finish the story for homework.

While we read, please NOTICE and NOTE 2-3 of the following strategies
-Contrasts and Contradictions (CC)
-Again and Again (AA)
-Memory Moment (MM)
and maybe an A-ha (AHA)

Remember, don't just NOTICE them by marking or highlighting them, but then NOTE your thoughts at that moment!