Write a poem in two voices.

Choose a person to include in your poem from the personal histories listed on the
United States Holocaust Museum's website.

Think about your subject's life and what you could learn from it. Write about how the person inspires you or makes you think about the conditions in the world. Then begin brainstorming ideas to include in your poem. Compare the experience of the person you chose with your own life.

Two-voice poems are written to be performed. Each person reads one line at a time. For more impact, certain lines or phrases are read at the same time. Bold those sections in your poem. Eventually you will work with a partner to read each other's poems aloud and record them.

I am Tamarah
I am Jewish
I have seen so much pain
My parents
My freedoms
I am 13 years old
I want to learn
Have no books to read
Little food
No electricity
I lay awake, smothered by memories
These are my worst hours
My diary
My faith in my people
Carries me through
I am Megan
I am Christian
I have learned so much pain
My family
My freedoms
I am 12 years old
I want to understand
How people go hungry
Lose freedoms
Start wars
I lay awake, frightened for the future
These are my worst hours
My family
My pride in my country
Carries me through

If you are stuck, consider following the model from the magazine handout you were given, just substitute your own endings of lines.

I am _
I am
I have _
I am _
I want to

I lay awake
These are
Carries me through